“Phone Plan Challenge”

June- August 2014


As we move into the last three months of this business year, we are planning for the new business year starting in September 1, 2014 to be a fantastic year for Executives International!! In order for tremendous growth to occur, we have to expand our Organizations, so in order to get a “running go” for the new business year, we have in place a PhonePlan Challenge for the months of June-August, 2014.


To expand our Organizations, we have to bring new IBOs into the Group. To sponsor new IBOs, we have to show the Plan on a very consistent basis. However, to show the Plan, we have to make qualifying contacts. Thanks to the efforts of Mark Kasten and Mike Delgado, we have in place a PhonePlan for our smart phones that can qualify, or disqualify, prospects as true potential IBOs in a 4 1/2 minute time frame. As such, we are launching the “PhonePlan Challenge” for the months of June-August, 2014.



1. Show the PhonePlan to a prospect 20 times per month (or 60 times over the June-August time frame) and submit the Challenge Form to your upline Platinum and Payne & Payne. In addition, need to do the 50/150 PV volume each month;

2. If new IBO starting in July 2014, 20 PhonePlans in months of July & August or 40 PhonePlans total July-August plus 50/150 PV volume each month;

3. If new lBO starting in August 2014, 20 PhonePlans in August plus 50/150 PV volume.

For those qualifying, we will have a celebration of “Winners” in Nashville, TN on September 26-28, 2014.


If you plan to qualify and join us in Nashville, start making plans to be off from work on Friday, September 26. We will be getting to you very soon the schedule of fun activities we have planned in Nashville.


Check with your upline Platinum for info on downloading the PhonePlan to your smart phone, how to use the PhonePlan online, and ideas of how to use the PhonePlan with prospects.




PhonePlane Challenge Reporting Form

Unauthorized Retail Selling

Unauthorized Retail Selling


Dear Platinum and above Leader:

In March, we communicated to you about unauthorized product sales on retail sites like Ebay and Amazon. At that time, we sought your assistance in communicating to downline IBOs that selling products on these sites, or providing product for others to sell, violated the IBO Rules of Conduct (Rule 4.5) and would not be tolerated.

We would love to be able to share with you today that unauthorized online product sales are no longer an issue, but unfortunately, the problem still exists. We continue to take measures to identify and sanction IBOs who are selling products on these sites. In fact, this year more than 200 IBOs have been sanctioned and 1500 product auctions have been removed, but our efforts have not been enough to stop the unauthorized sale of product.

Because you are a business leader, we are once again seeking your assistance in educating downline IBOs that selling products through unauthorized retail web sites (or providing products for others to sell) not only violates the IBO Rules of Conduct, but damages the businesses of fellow IBOs and affects the reputation of IBOs and Amway.

Amway and the IBOAI hear from IBOs on a daily basis who are affected by unauthorized online sales – IBOs who have spent the time and effort servicing their customers and teaching them about the features and benefits of Amway products only to lose them to someone who undermines their efforts by selling products online. Here are some quotes from Amway IBOs:

“We are losing our business and credibility thanks to the people violating the rules.”

“These people are taking customers from IBOs and I lost a sale because of them.”

“This is a major concern as I have already lost a customer.”

“I just lost a customer and money. If this continues, I will lose hope.”

Purchasing from unauthorized retail web sites is also bad for customers:

  • Products offered for sale through these sites are being sold by IBOs outside of the contractual agreement with Amway or are being sold by individual third parties (non-IBOs) who are not authorized to sell Amway products
  • They are not covered by the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee or any warranties
  • Amway cannot guarantee the products are not expired, counterfeit or tampered with
  • When purchasing from unauthorized sites, customers miss out on the valuable product knowledge and personalized service that IBOs offer

Your support is needed in communicating to downline IBOs that selling products on Ebay and Amazon, or supplying products for others to sell, is damaging to EVERYONE and will not be tolerated.

Working in partnership, we can be successful in curbing this problem.



Gary VanderVen

Director, Global Business Conduct & Rules

Yager Group News

ARE YOU READY?  Join the Yager Group Diamond Leadership and distinguished guest speakers for an amazing weekend of association, motivation and celebration. Yager Free Enterprise Celebration 2013 Cincinnati here we come!
October 4-6, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio Duke Energy Convention Center   Tickets are now available at Advance pricing through September 25, 2013.   The Yager Group has a number of blocks of hotel rooms in downtown Cincinnati available at special Yager Group prices. Hotels are filling up fast so reserve yours today! More rooms have been added to the Yager Group block. Be sure to read the Free Enterprise Newsletter on your IBOCITY homepage for hotel updates and schedule information.

To access the hotel online reservation link and hotel phone number, download the Free Enterprise Information on your IBOCITY homepage.

A Trip to Brazil

A Winning Combination Sales Contest & Sweepstakes — Enroll Now for Two Ways to Win!

Are you in the game? Get started now!You may have heard about A Winning Combination, the latest sales contest and sweepstakes sponsored by Amway. For IBOs only, this unique promotion brings you two ways to win a fantastic trip, while you build your business.

#1: For qualified Platinum IBOs and above:  Earn one of 12 sales contest grand prize trips to Brazil and Peter Island with your qualified upline Diamond!  Enroll and be the qualified Platinum or above IBO to score the most Goals (by completing specific business-building activities during the sales contest) within your Approved Provider organization to earn an incredible all-expenses-paid trip for two. You’ll travel to São Paulo, Brazil, to take in a key match at the 2014 world soccer championshipThen you’ll be off to beautiful Peter Island to soak up the sun. And, you’ll experience it all with your qualified upline Diamond, who will also receive two tickets for this amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip!

#2: For ALL IBOs:  Win one of 17 sweepstakes prize trips to Brazil! Not a qualified Platinum yet? You still have an opportunity to win one of 17 fabulous trips for two to Brazil, where you’ll get to watch a key match at the 2014 world soccer championship! All enrolled IBOs who score at least one Goal (by completing specific business-building activities during the sweepstakes) have a chance to win. And, the more Goals you score, the more entries into the random drawing you’ll receive.

There are nine monthly prizes, too! Each month during the sales contest, the enrolled IBO who scores the most personal Goals will earn a 64GB Wi-Fi Apple® iPad® tablet with Retina® display.

ENROLL NOW! You must enroll to participate. All IBOs who score Goals have a chance to win a prize. Visit Amway.com/winningcombination to enroll, learn more, and find official rules. NOTE: Only one IBO from each business needs to enroll and you only need to enroll once!

A Winning Combination Sales Contest & Sweepstakes runs July 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.

Eagle Cruise 2014

Subject: Eagle Cruise 2014

Announcing the Eagle Cruise 2014: The dates have been confirmed for the 2014 Eagle Cruise for February 7-10, 2014. Below is the ship and the itinerary.

Registration for the Eagle Cruise will be opening up in the coming week. For your reference, we’re attaching the 2014 Eagle Cruise Promotion document as well. This is also available on IBOCITY in the Downloads section.

Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas

February 7-10, 2014 – Three Night Bahamas Cruise

EI Summer Promotion

Business year 2013-2014 is only three months away, and to get a “running go” into the new year, the EI Leadership has suggested the following Summer Promotion for the months of June – August 2013:

1.  PHD 2 of 3 months (10 full plans with follow up to personal prospects or sponsor 2 (IBOs – not Customers) plus 50/150 PV each of the qualifying months for those already registered in the business beginning in June;

2.  PHD 1 of 2 months (10 full plans with follow up to personal prospects or sponsor 2 (IBOs – not Customers) plus 50/150 personal PV each of the qualifying months – for those who register in the business in June or July;

3.  PHD 1 month (10 full plans with follow up to personal prospects or sponsor 2 (IBOs – not Customers) plus 50/150 personal PV in qualifying month – for those who register in the business in August;

4.  3 in 30 plus 50/150 personal PV in month qualifying – for any one of the June-August months;

5.  New 1000 PV or above plus 50/150 personal PV in the months of June-August.

The above qualifications give IBOs different ways to qualify in the Summer Promotion.


Time with Tom/Jean and David/Sandra in Guntersville/Huntsville September 20-22, 2013:

Friday, September 20 – Dinner in Guntersville;

Saturday (day) – Activities in Guntersville/Huntsville;

Saturday (evening) – Steak Cookout at lake home of Tom & Jean;

Sunday (morning) – Light breakfast at lake home of Tom & Jean.

Qualification forms will be on the EI Biz website and additional details for the time in Guntersville/Huntsville will be posted on the EI Biz website once we know the number of people qualifying.

Hope all of you are looking forward to having a great 2013-2014 and believe this promotion can get everyone in position to have a fantastic new year!!

Love Ya,


Bill Britt

> Subject: Bill Britt > > > It is with a heavy heart, and yet much joy, that we inform you that Bill Britt passed away this morning at 3am in Jacksonville Florida. He was hospitalized recently for respiratory problems. > > Words cannot express the depth of sorrow that family, friends and business partners are experiencing with such a tremendous loss. Nor can the height of joy be fully articulated, knowing that Bill now abides in the presence of his Lord and Savior for eternity. > > Bill was the oldest of eight children. Before the Amway business, he was a city manager for 15 years. He was an amazing and unique man, husband, achiever & leader. > > The positive impact that Bill’s life had on people – all around the world – is immeasurable. He believed and proved that one person of courage can truly make a big difference. His life was transformative; his example was inspiring; his legend and legacy will be lasting. He will be greatly missed and forever remembered. > > Please keep Peggy in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time and refrain from calling or visiting her home at her request. Respect for her privacy is greatly appreciated. > > Memorial service details will be announced as soon as they are finalized. > > Have a blessed day. > The Yagers > > > > > Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message.